Book an Entertainment company that reflects you & you fiance

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Quite frankly it's my first, so I hope you enjoy it & find it informative. I've always wanted to try & explain to the masses how I feel in regards to planning an event, so i guess this is the best way to start speaking my mind to the public. If anyone has a counter point, please try & reach me @ I'd love the feedback.

I believe that while planning your wedding you should always pick vendors that represent you, your families, & your fiance the best. I could never understand why people choose the cheapest or easiest when it comes to this one special day. Are you trying to say that the caterer or music don't matter? Are you implying that food & dancing are just parts of this magical day? If so please stop reading now, & return to your ordinary life. If you agree, well then let's continue. 

When your guests arrive at your venue they should have this sense of awe. They should say internally that this is truly magical. The way your family & friends are treated upon arrival, through cocktail hour should be the way they would feel at your home or an intimate gathering. Once the party actually starts, it really is in the MC/DJ's hands. Your entertainment should set the tone for the rest of your life.

Your music should be engaging not drab. Your MC should be warm, friendly & appropriate. With all that being said, they should make you & your respective families feel, as they are a part of their family. They should be approachable. Their set up, the look of their equipment should be clean & precise. No wires showing. No chords hanging out the back. It should be immaculate in its presentation. While we are NOT the star of the day in any way, we certainly are the scenery, & musical backdrop for this once in lifetime event. Why settle, when you don't have to. 

Do your diligence while booking your entertainment company. Make sure they are highly reviewed on reputable wedding sites. Make sure their references are readily available. Check to see if your caterer has worked with them before & if so what do they think. If a friend refers them, well what do you really think of that friend. Are they hard or easy to please? Were you at their event? Did you ever see them live someone else's wedding? These are all great ways to check on someones reputation. If your DJ/MC say they have no references & no website, & aren't reviewed anywhere, chances are they are part time guys that aren't to reputable. I don't know about you, but my wife, family, & friends all deserved the best so I saved on my limousine & suit. I used flowers that were in season. My caterer & music were the top priority for me. 

Don't over spend but certainly don't under spend either. In this industry you definitely get what you pay for. Do you research, use your gut feeling, & find a company you trust. In perfect world you'll only plan one of these. Let Noble Productions help you plan your most special day..... We Think Your Worth It!!!!!!